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Not Leaving: Harley-Davidson Is Not Pulling Out Of New Zealand

Is Harley-Davidson pulling out of the New Zealand market? Short answer: No.

Despite a recent notice in newspapers, Harley-Davidson is not pulling out of the New Zealand market.

While the notice gives the impression that Harley-Davidson Australia is pulling out of NZ, the company was actually working to set up a New Zealand branch to support having staff physically in the country.

“We did some work in setting up a registered brand in NZ through 2020 to support a plan for an inmarket employee, says H-D ANZ’s Marketing Manager Keith Waddell.

“As a result of some of the changes through last year it was decided not to proceed.

Essentially it is business as normal.”

So don’t fret Harley-Davidson fans, Harley still has plans for NZ including the imminent launch of the firm’s first adventure bike, the Pan America.


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