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Honda Promises 10 New Electric Motorcycles By 2025

Amidst the slew of announcements of new colour options from Honda for 2023, the company has also given an update on its future plans for the motorcycle arm of the company. In particular, when we are likely to see the long-awaited Honda EV motorcycles.

While those plans are the continued development of internal combustion engines and broadening of availability of Honda motorcycles than can run on 100% ethanol, Honda also said it has plans to launch a range of electric bikes in the next three years.

Unlike other large manufacturers who have gone for the rich Tesla-like early adopters for their EV products, Honda plans to debut with both practical commuter models and fun models. If previous efforts are anything to go by, this strategy should pay off for Honda as attainable EVs have thus far been restricted to the commuter class from small players.

Honda seems to have high hopes, with a published aim to reach annual electric motorcycle sales of 1 million units within the next five years, and 3.5 million units (approximately 15% of total sales) as of 2030.

In addition to commuter EVs, Honda is actively developing electrified models in the “FUN” category. Based on its FUN EV platform currently under development, Honda plans to introduce a total of three large-size FUN EV models across Japan, the U.S and Europe between 2024 and 2025.


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