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GasGas Gets Into Pedal Power

For a company with such a strong link to the internal combustion engine, it is fair to say that GasGas' announcement of a range of 11 e-mountain (eMTB) bikes comes as a bit of a surprise.

The range covers quite a broad spectrum of the eMTB scene with all utilising a Yamaha sourced electric motor which GasGas says "are tried and trusted across the mountain biking community and boast cutting-edge technology."

Peak power from the top of the line model's electric motors is a claimed 80Nm. That's a stonking power output for a lightweight eMTB to conquer pretty much anything on land, while the more entry-level options feature a 70Nm powerplant.

Backing the electric motor is a state-of-the-art Quad Sensor System that uses a lean-angle sensor to determine, in real-time, whether the bike is moving up or down hill and how steep the gradient is. Combining this information with speed and cadence data, and pedal force sensors info, it calculates the optimum level of support required.

Battery range and charging times vary depending on model and specification with the batteries ranging from 400-630Wh.

The range will initially launch in European markets this year as 2021 models, with GasGas indicating that the USA will be the next market for the eMTB range in 2022. Currently, there is no word on whether the bikes will make their way Downunder, but if there is demand surely there will be a business case for them to head our way.

Designed for hard-core riders, the GasGas Enduro Cross and Trail Cross models are designed to be the pinnacle of their sport with the Enduro Cross a serious bit of downhill riding kit while the Trail Cross takes a broader, more adventurous approach.

The electric motors and internal batteries helping to flatten out the steepest of climbs, its long-travel suspension, slack geometry and mixed wheel sizes ensure the rowdiest of trails can be confidently tamed.

The full-suspension eMTB is built to tackle rides where climbing and descending is the name of the game – those super fun singletrack trails and exposed mountain-side tracks that put the biggest smiles on riders’ faces.

Taking a less off-road approach the Cross Country and Dual Cross models offer the best of both on-and-off-road cycling.

GasGas' entry point to eMTB, the Cross Country is key to building those singletrack skills and confidence while opening up a whole new world of cycling.

The trekking-focused Dual Cross delivers the best of both road and mountain biking A thoroughbred workhorse, it takes work commutes and scenic bike rides in its stride.

It's exciting times, with the eMTB category viewed by many as an important step in the electrification of motorcycling, but surely calling the range PedalPedal is a missed opportunity by GasGas.


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