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Exclusive Givi store opens its doors in NZ

New Zealand’s first official Givi store has opened its doors in New Plymouth, with the store offering more than just a comprehensive stockpile of the Italian firm’s wide array of products.

motorcycle luggage on display

New Zealand’s distributor of Givi, Eurobike Wholesale, is one of the brand’s longest-serving distributors in the world, yet it has taken nearly 40 years for the brand to get a flagship store here in New Zealand. As the men in the Mainland Cheese ads say, good things take time.

“Eurobike Wholesale has been representing Givi in New Zealand for close to 40 years, with a starting story of near epic proportions.” says Rodney O’Conner, General Manager of Eurobike Wholesale. “Only one other distributor in the entire world has been with Givi longer than us, so it is very exciting to finally have a dedicated Givi showroom in New Zealand. Based in New Plymouth, not only will you be able to see and try most of the Givi range, but our staff can be available to help with all your questions, no matter how simple, or complicated. Givi has a huge range of solutions and it can be daunting trying to work out which will suit you best. Our showroom, experience, and knowledge will help you make the right choice, the first time.”

a motorcycle in a shop

Branded as a "Givi Specialised" store, the dedicated space on New Plymouth’s Gill Street will show the range of Givi products, from commuter top boxes to large touring sets, soft luggage, tank bags, crash protection, screens and other accessories.

Givi is one of those companies with such a huge range of products, that sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. Having a dedicated space to show off the range will not only help distributors Eurobike Wholesale, but expert staff will be able to help riders find the right equipment for their needs. This can be done either at scheduled times viewable on the Eurobike website, or riders can book a free one-on-one cosultation to find the perfect fit-out for their motorcycle.

So whether you're not sure about whether to go with hard luggage or soft,  or you’re wondering how much you can fit in a top case Nothing beats seeing and touching products in person and getting advice from the experts. 

The showroom is based in New Plymouth - if you're from out of town, this is a great location for a weekend getaway with the store front open until 5:30 pm weekdays and until 1 pm on Saturdays.

Givi store exterior


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