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Confirmed: No BMW G310RR For New Zealand

Ever since the launch of the G310R and GS models, there has been a glaring hole in BMW’s entry-level G-series lineup, and finally, BMW Motorrad is plugging it with the announcement of the G310RR.

Styled after the S1000RR superbike, the G310RR utilises the same familiar architecture as the other G310 models but adds in some trick new tech as well as RR-specific physical alterations into the mix.

At its centre is the same 313cc single-cylinder engine as the GS and R models, but the RR gains electronic wizardry to the tune of four separate rider modes and a slick new dash.

The rider modes include more sedate urban and rain modes which see power reduced to around 25hp, while the track and sport modes unleash the full 34hp which BMW claims is enough when mixed with the lower 174kg wet weight of the RR will allow the bike to hit a top speed of 160kph.

Keeping the rider informed is a very stylish TFT display that makes the basic LCD units of the GS and R look very budget in comparison.

Braking and wheels are the now familiar five-spoke 17-inch wheels and Bybre braking combo as seen on the G310R. As part of the sophisticated electronics on the RR, however, the level of ABS intervention and throttle response changes with the rider modes.

While the full-fairing entry-level sportsbike market finally has a contender from BMW, there is a catch. The G310RR is slated currently an Indian market model only, with BMW Motorrad NZ confirming that the are currently no plans to introduce the model here.


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