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Cardo Debuts New Packtalk Edge - Is This The New Best In Class Helmet Comms System?

Cardo Systems are on a roll pumping out new intercoms and technology at the moment and the overnight release of the new Packtalk Edge continues that trend.

Replacing the Packtalk Black at the top of the Cardo Range, the new Packtalk Edge continues the core traditions we've come to expect from Cardo with some key refinements to take it to the next level.

New additions include the move to USB-C for charging, a trick magnetic fastening system, a slimmer design and all-new software.

Surprisingly, the price of entry for the new top dog in the Cardo range hasn't increased dramatically, with New Zealand distributor Darbi Accessories confirming the Packtalk Edge will enter the market at $649.00 for the Packtalk Edge Single unit and $1,199.00 for the Packtalk Edge Duo twin units.

"Powered by the 2nd generation of Cardo’s Dynamic Mesh Communication, Packtalk Edge

provides an unprecedented crystal clear sound and an easy, lightning-fast pairing for a group of up to 15 riders, at a range of up to 1.6km."

That's the same theoretical range and potential number of total riders connected as the current Packtalk Bold and Black but now comes without the need for an aerial.

Other improved features the Edge brings are Cardo's upgraded Natural Voice engine - which means you don't need to put on an English or American Accent for voice commands to work, enhanced audio from the JBL supplied speakers, and an improved noise-cancelling microphone. Fast Charging and over-the-air software updates complete the list of features and improve significantly the ease of use.

As has become Cardo's signature feature, the Cardo Packtalk Edge is waterproof, with the new slim design being an evolution of the Packtalk Bold we know and love but mounting to helmets via a revolutionary and secure magnetic Air Mount.

The first shipment of the Packtalk Edge is expected to arrive in dealers in mid-to-late April.

Watch the full launch video below for the nitty-gritty details on how it all works.


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