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Cardo adds group intercom recording option to DMC2 devices

Motovloggers rejoice! Cardo has just activated a software update allowing you to record your group intercom conversations while riding directly to your phone.

Available for Cardo's DMC2 capable comms units – the Packtalk Edge, Neo and Custom – the update adds a record function to the Cardo Connect app that will record the rider and any other riders connected via the DMC intercom system directly to the connected mobile device.

The update seems targeted directly at content creators, who have had to come up with creative workarounds involving numerous cables and connectors into their helmets to achieve similar results.

While it is a free feature for owners of the Packtalk Edge and Neo, for owners of the Custom to access this latest feature they will need to be subscribed to the platinum package of that units subscription service in order to access the function.

Unfortunately, this update won't work for owners of older Cardo units such as the Freecom range and older Packtalk Bold. However, if you are in a group with a DMC2-equipped rider using the app, they should be able to record your voice on their phone.

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