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BMW’s F Series GS Models Get 40th Anniversary Makeover

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

This month BMW Motorrad is celebrating 40 years of the iconic GS badge and what better way to celebrate with a special livery for some of the best bikes that embody the spirit of GS?

In addition to the new "40 Years GS Edition" livery which will be available on all F-series GS models, BMW is also adding to the standard and optional equipment for the coming 2021 model year.

While currently has no word from BMW Motorrad NZ on the availability of the new 40 Years GS Edition livery in our market, we expect to see the full list of upgrades filter through to our market.

For the 2021 F-series GS, all models will now feature LED indicators as standard as well as a USB charging outlet at the front right of the cockpit.

Electronically ABS Pro and DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) are now also standard features for the entire F-series GS line, allowing the mid-range GS models to offer more safety features against the growing competition.

Additionally, dynamic engine brake control and Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) now feature in Pro riding modes. Other new Pro riding mode features include the preselection of up to four riding modes for the button assignment on the right handlebar controls (though only in conjunction with the Connectivity optional equipment in the BMW F 750 GS).

An extra-low seat bench, as well as modified lowered suspension, will also be available as optional equipment for all three models in future ensuring even better accessibility for those short in the inseam.

Original BMW Motorrad Accessories now supply a holder for the BMW F 850 GS and BMW F 850 GS Adventure for mounting the BMW Motorrad Navigator above the standard TFT display, which is beneficial when the driver is stationary offroad. This holder was previously reserved exclusively for GS trophy machines and deployment vehicles. The ex-works "Preparation for navigation device" optional equipment is still available for positioning on the handlebar clamp as before.

Since completely switching off the ABS will no longer be permissible under legal homologation regulations in future(LAME!), the Enduro and Enduro Pro riding modes provide suitably adapted controls for this purpose. The ABS function can still be switched off on the rear wheel in Enduro Pro riding mode but only on the BMW F 850 GS and BMW F 850 GS Adventure models.

As before, the range utilises the same 853cc liquid-cooled 4-valve, 2-cylinder engine matched to a six-speed gearbox across the range with different tunes depending on the model.

In the BMW F 750 GS, it generates 57 kW (77 hp) at 7,500 rpm and develops a maximum torque of 83 Nm at 6,000rpm. In the higher performance F 850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure the same engine generates 70kW (95 hp) at 8,250rpm and 92 Nm at 6,250 rpm. This is to fit with the established principle of the F750GS being the entry-level model in the F-series family.

While the F750GS now comes in a range of new colours, it’s the visually eye-catching BMW F 750 GS "40 Years GS Edition" with the "40 Years GS" logo on the fairing side panels which offers the most in terms of fit-out and style in our opinion.

Its yellow hand-protector bars and seat bench in black/yellow with GS logo unmistakeably invoke an icon from 40 years of GS history: The BMW R 100 GS. Black matt painted rims, silver handlebars and a galvanised radiator cowl round off this exclusive anniversary appearance.

The F850GS also receives a set of new colour options including the 40th Anniversary GS scheme, while the standard equipment of the BMW F 850 GS has been further enhanced with a windscreen adjustment mechanism and a TFT display (which Kiwis already got due to BMW Motorrad NZ supplying a higher base spec here) including convenient Connectivity functions.

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