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BMW Cancels Motorrad Days 2021

For years, the BMW Motorrad Days have been one of the largest customer events of the BMW Group with a large number of guests from all over the world coming together. BMW Motorrad fans will have to wait for another year to gather at the largest event celebrating the brand with the cancellation of BMW Motorrad Days 2021.

BMW Motorrad announced the decision to cancel the event follows the same theme we are all too accustomed to at the moment: COVID-19.

“In light of current developments and the associated extensive measures to contain the corona virus, not to mention our duty of care towards our guests and staff, it is with a heavy heart that the Organization Team of the BMW Motorrad Days has decided to cancel this year’s event.”

“Our aim is to always meet this aspiration. However, the current circumstances and the associated enormous planning uncertainties no longer allow this highly internationally oriented event to be planned as the necessary lead times involved are very long. This means that the BMW Motorrad Days cannot be carried out.”

With BMW making the call early on the cancellation, it should make planning easier for those planning to head to Germany for Motorrad Days to rebook to next year.

As a result of the cancek of the 2021 event, the next Motorrad Days is scheduled to take place in July 2022.

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