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You Can't Have Ducati's New Limited Release Scrambler 1100 PRO

It seems the going theme at the moment is that if there is a limited edition motorcycle going, Kiwis aren't going to get a look in. That's the case with Ducati's latest limited release bike, but Ducati do have a very good reason for keeping this Scrambler 1100 exclusive.

The result of close collaboration between the Ducati Design Center and Scuderia Club Italia, the Scrambler Ducati Club Italia is a limited-edition motorcycle intended exclusively for members of, well, you guessed it the Scuderia Club Italia.

Scuderia Club Italia itself is a sports-cultural association, founded in 1989 by vintage/racing car drivers, connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Its members – which are limited to no more than eighty members as per the association's statute – are united by a burning passion for automobiles. Club Italia does much to promote Italian cars through sporting events or by attending key shows. What's more, it designs and develops original versions of cars and motorcycles.

Development of this special Scrambler Ducati Club Italia series comes as a follow-up to a previous joint design by Bologna-based Ducati and the Scuderia: back in 1995, the partnership produced thirty-six "Monster 900 Club Italia" bikes, all of which are now sought-after collector's items.

The latest Scuderia is built around the new Scrambler Ducati 1100 Sport PRO, with the Scrambler Ducati Club Italia featuring unique graphics and a wealth of accessories. Ducati hasn't mentioned exactly how many will be getting made, but considering if even all of the Scuderia Club Italia members bought one there would be less than 80 it definitely has the makings of the most exclusive Scrambler built by Ducati to date.

Design highlights on this "special" include the red leather seat by Poltrona Frau with embroidered Club Italia logo and the metallic blue tank with bright red side panels, topped off by the Giugiaro-designed Ducati logo. The frame has the same metallic blue finish as the tank, while the rear subframe comes in natural aluminium. The front and rear fenders are in aluminium with a tricolour finish. Spoked wheels (with black rims and spokes) complete the bike's eye-catching character. As you'd expect of a limited edition machine, an aluminium plaque on the frame identifies the series number.

Other aluminium goodies Ducati have added into the mix include a set of type-approved Termignoni titanium silencers and a billet aluminium tank cap, the underside of which sports the Club Italia shield logo. The LED indicator bodies are in billet aluminium, as are the brake and clutch levers, brake and clutch fluid reservoir covers, frame plugs and footpegs. A headlight mesh guard gives the front end of the Scrambler Ducati Club Italia an assertive, original feel, while heated grips offer comfort and practicality in the colder months.

Each member of the exclusive club who orders one of these gorgeous Ducatis will also receive a personalised bike cover, a certificate of authenticity and a hand-crafted Bell helmet that matches the colour of the bike and features dedicated graphics.

“When you get the chance to work alongside people who share your passion for beautifully-made things, for engines and for Italy, enormous satisfaction with the resulting work and the final outcome is virtually guaranteed", commented the head of the Ducati Design Center, Andrea Ferraresi.

"The Scrambler Ducati Club Italia demonstrates this wonderfully. It represents a perfect balance of sportiness, style and attention to detail. Together with the members of the Scuderia Club Italia we chose just the right tone of blue, the material for the saddle, the logo and the special equipment package. Nothing was left to chance. Every alteration was meticulously assessed and shared. The icing on the cake was being able to present this inimitable bike to Club members in person, together with Giulio Malagoli, Ducati Product Marketing Director”.

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