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Yamaha’s Next Tenere Tease Has Begun

Yamaha teased us for years before the Tenere 700 became a reality, and now it appears the next trade is in with the video debit if a pair of hot new prototypes.

Yamaha isn’t saying what the new Tenere World Raid prototypes are for other than “racing” but with no FIM competition currently catering to near 700cc motorcycles you’ve gotta expect this is an effort to bridge the gap between the basic Tenere 700 and its high-tech European competition.

It’s hard to tell exactly what’s changed in the fast paced video, but new long range fuel tanks are quite prominent along with revised bodywork with a high front fender and rally style navigation tower.

Whatever Yamaha is doing here, it’s exciting to see them further develop the Tenere 700 platform.

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