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Yamaha Announces Gorgeous XSR900 GP

Yamaha pays tribute to the YZR500 racer with a new take on the triple-cylinder XSR900 platform. Meet the ultra-cool and downright stunning XSR900 GP!

In what is sure to be a contender for the "Best-looking bike of 2024" title, Yamaha's new XSR900 GP has just been revealed, and boy is it a stunner!

Based on the XSR900, the GP adds clip-on handlebars, a stylish fairing designed to resemble the YZR500 grand prix bike and later TZR racers, with a rear cowling to complete the retro racer look.

To maintain the race-bike look, the XSR900’s round LED headlamp is replaced by a compact lens module, neatly hidden in the front cowling, creating a sense of unity with the front fairing while maintaining excellent illumination.

The bodywork is not only a symbol of the past in looks alone, but the method in which it is fixed in position is also inspired by the 1980s, with a tubed structure connecting the cowling to the frame and straight brackets supporting the dash creating a rider’s view with a genuine golden era feel.

To emphasise the classic cockpit feeling, the upper fairing stay is supported by a nut structure identical to that used for the original TZ250. In true racing style, this structure is fastened with a beta pin. This is the first time Yamaha has used such a fastening on a mass-produced production model for public road use.

Yamaha even went as far as finishing the Deltabox-style chassis and swingarm in silver to better evoke the era of the 1980s prototypes and emphasise the character of the Deltabox-style frame itself.

While the power output and gear ratios of the 890cc CP3 engine are identical to that of the XSR900, the benefit of the front fairing of the XSR900 GP is an increase to both acceleration and top speed, while the ducts on the side panels efficiently discharge heat from the radiator to maximise cooling performance.

The modern touches don't end there. In the cockpit keeping the rider informed is a 5" TFT dash with all the modern amenities you could ask for. That means Yamaha Ride Control with three rider modes to help tune performance, smartphone connectivity with integrated navigation, and a six-axis IMU with lean-sensitive rider aids developed directly from the electronic systems on the R1. The GP is also the first Yamaha to use the firm's third-generation quickshift system, allowing for even slicker up and down gearshifts

Yamaha Motor New Zealand has confirmed the XSR900 GP is coming our way, with exact time of arrival and pricing yet to be confirmed with the Yamaha factory in Japan.

One this is for sure. This is sitting pretty at the top of our 2024 must-ride list.

Check out all the pics in the gallery below!

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