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UBCO and Dominoes Team Up To Electrify Your Pizza Delivery

We‘re big fans of Tauranga based electric bike pioneers UBCO, and we’re more than partial to a meat lovers pizza. The idea of the two working together sounds like a great match.

UBCO originally developed its two wheel drive electric utility bike platform for off-road use and found success on Kiwi farms, but since it’s initial launch the utility bike has drawn an increasing following for on-road use.

With food delivery orders on the rise, Domino’s Pizza is embracing electric transport with UBCO set to provide new electric motorbikes for the growing Domino’s fleet; two local businesses innovating for the good of the planet (and pizzas).

When New Zealand moved from COVID-19 Alert Level 4 to Level 3 on April 28, fast food restaurants all over the country were overwhelmed with demand for takeaways. In fact, according to Senior ASB Economist Jane Turner, New Zealanders ate their way through five-weeks' worth of takeaways during the first week of Level 3.

Domino's Pizza, like most, was right in the thick of the takeaway rush.

In mid-April, preparing for re-opening, Domino’s began searching for 1,000 new team members. Back then, Domino’s New Zealand General Manager Cameron Toomey was quoted as saying, “Based on an increase in deliveries pre-lockdown and examining trends around the world, we anticipate an increased level of deliveries once we open again, as many people remain at home."

Turns out, they were right in predicting higher demand. And as we roll through Level 2 and into Level 1, that demand looks likely to stay.

Domino’s also realised that increased demand for deliveries and a growing team would drive the requirement for more delivery vehicles. With several UBCO 2X2 electric motorbikes already performing well in their fleet, Domino’s approached The New Zealand-based electric vehicle manufacturer about supply possibilities.

Cameron Toomey says "The UBCO bikes have several advantages over cars when it comes to deliveries. They are faster through heavy traffic, parking isn't an issue, they're cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly. Our delivery teams safely deliver thousands of pizzas each week and we see the UBCO bikes as an important part of our fleet going forward."

"It's pretty satisfying watching the bikes growing in use within the Domino’s fleet and replacing other traditional combustion vehicles, says UBCO CEO, Timothy Allan.

“Our bikes are reducing Domino’s environmental footprint and at the same time, delivering quickly and more safely. It's also exciting to work with such a progressive brand like Domino's that innovate in all facets of their business."

Both Toomey and Allan agree that the UBCO 2X2 makes a great pizza delivery vehicle.

The UBCO 2X2 is not your standard electric bike. UBCO has, in effect, created a new category of vehicle called a ‘Utility Bike’.

Originally developed for off-road use, the utility bike has drawn an increasing following for on-road use in a variety of sectors such as commuting, prepared food and grocery delivery, postal, and freight.

With the Domino’s delivery fleet averaging between 10-20,000 kms per year, servicing becomes an important part of the ongoing fleet management.

"The vehicles being delivered in 2020 all come with our new Telematic hardware and are connected to the Fleet Portal (a cloud-based Vehicle Management System). This enables both Domino’s and UBCO to see how each vehicle is tracking and to deliver a more efficient and accurate service schedule. We are excited to be working with Spark’s IOT team to deliver the connectivity the platform requires,” Allan says.


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