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Triumph Unveils 2019 Rocket III

Hot on the heels of the sold out limited edition Triumph Rocket III TFC, the British brand has unveiled a pair of all-new mass production Rocket III models.

The two new Rockets take on two different aspects of the power cruiser segment, with the GT option taking care of riders who want to take a pillion and hit the long road more often, while the R model in true Triumph fashion goes for all-out performance.

With the world’s largest production motorcycle engine – which is a massive 2,500cc – the new Triumph Rocket 3s have no issues when it comes to grunt, and with 11% more power than the previous generation and the highest torque of any production motorcycle on the market with a monstrous 221Nm at 4,000 rpm there aren't many bikes that will be able to match them.

Visually the new Rocket IIIs follow the styling of the uber-exclusive Rocket III TFC, but refrain from using exotic materials such as carbon fibre or TFC-only touches.

Even without the use of carbon fibre however, just like the TFC Rocket III the R and GT models also tip the scales at a whopping 40kilograms lighter than the previous generation of Rocket III.

Combining imposing muscular stance and magnificent style, the highest levels of technology, Triumph’s class-leading handling, all of the Rocket’s world-renowned presence and all-day easy riding capability, the new Rockets are in a class of their own.

With the power cruiser market a relatively small affair currently, it's no surprise that Triumph Motorcycles are putting the new Rocket III up against the likes of Ducati's Diavel range.

Both bikes share a similar aesthetic, with a muscular build and high performance engine as the centerpiece of the build, but the Triumph's specs definitely put it a step ahead when it comes to wheel destroying torque compared to the Ducati.

Interestingly, Triumph Motorcycles New Zealand's General Manager has indicated that the pricing for the new Rockets will also go head to head with the Ducati.

"Rocket III R and GT will land in market hot on the heels of the TFC, says TNZ's Leigh Beckhaus. "Triumph are benchmarking these two against the Ducati Diavel so pricing will start possibly mid to high $30,000s for the R and over $40,000 for the GT version.

As to when the bikes should land in country, with the Rocket TFC expected in early 2020 we could see the new Rocket III tearing up our roads from as early as the first quarter of 2020.

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