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Royal Enfield Teases New Himalayan Ahead Of Official Launch

Royal Enfield is ramping up to the launch of the all-new liquid-cooled Himalayan, which is set to debut in full later this month.

As part of the buildup, Royal Enfield filmed a series called "The Final Test" which sees a trio of examples of the all-new Himalayan ridden over 5000 kilometres through its namesake mountain range.

While details on the spec of the new bike are yet to be released, we do know this is an all-new machine that brings the Himalayan model forward in leaps and bounds in both capability and technology.

The dash is now a TFT unit with integrated navigation, while the engine is an all-new liquid-cooled unit that is reportedly putting down twice the power of its predecessor.

"The all-new Himalayan is not just named after the Himalayas but is born, built and inspired by them," Royal Enfield stated in its press release. "It retains its purpose and spirit, and has evolved to suit today’s context and interprets itself for changing riders and changing terrains.

Last year in August, our entire testing & development team, alongside our leadership team members rode and tested the new Himalayan in its natural abode; the Himalayas. Since then, the Himalayan has undergone months of comprehensive testing across the world. But we wanted to give it one final test; an expedition that would put the motorcycle’s mettle to trial in the toughest testing grounds on earth. "

For The Final Test series, 24 riders will push the limit with the aim to cover more than 5000 kms on 3 Himalayans, all the way from the Royal Enfield factory at Oragadam, Chennai to the world’s highest motorable mountain pass, Umling La in Ladakh to test the motorcycle in long-range, real-world conditions.

It will be a challenging ride … but will it pass this extremely gruelling test? Most likely! YouTube sensation Itchy Boots has already summited the pass on a pre-production Himalayan loaned to her by Royal Enfield.


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