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No Indian Scout Bobber Sixty for NZ

Indian Motorcycle has announced a new entry to the Scout family with the unveiling of the 2020 Scout Bobber Sixty. But if the idea of a 999cc Indian gets your motor running, you'll need to make friends with your local Indian dealer, because Polaris Industries aren't officially bringing in any examples of the new Scout Bobber to New Zealand.

Before you throw up your hands in frustration, let's take a closer look at what makes this Scout Bobber Sixty different from the Bobbers we're more familiar with.

Just like the Scout Sixty we have seen here previously, the Scout Bobber Sixty is powered by a 999cc version of the brand’s 1133cc V-twin making 78hp.

The Bobber Sixty, naturally, takes its styling cues from the more powerful Bobber with a blacked-out aluminium frame and chopped mudguards, yet has a few features that let onlookers know its not quite the full-bore Scout Bobber.

However, unlike the full-bore model, the Bobber Sixty does without the former’s rather cool headlight nacelle and bar-end mounted mirrors and features its own unique five-spoke wheel design to set it visually apart.

However, as we said above, don’t expect to see the smaller Bobber in Kiwi dealerships anytime soon.

While the NZ market did previously feature the Scout Sixty, it wasn’t exactly a hit as its smaller capacity engine and marginally lower price point didn’t attract Kiwi riders, with many, opting for the full-power machines which are priced from $19,995 instead. Hence it was dropped from the Kiwi lineup in 2017.

New Zealand distributors for Indian Motorcycle, Polaris Industries, confirmed to Kiwi Rider that the new Bobber Sixty will not be brought in to the Australasian marketplace. However, if riders are interested in the 999cc Bobber they can special order their own through local Indian Motorcycle dealers.


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