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Moto Guzzi V85 TT NZ Pricing Confirmed

Moto Guzzi New Zealand has confirmed the pricing for the upcoming V85 TT adventure bike, which is set to arrive in a few months time.

Scheduled to arrive in New Zealand showrooms in May this year, the Moto Guzzi V85 TT has been a long time coming for fans of the Northern Italian manufacturer. In Europe alone, more than 8,000 test rides have been booked before the model has even left the gates of the Lake Como factory.

Taking the form of what Moto Guzzi calls a “Classic Enduro”, the V85 TT straddles the line between a modern classic and an adventure bike. Moto Guzzi says the design is an attempt at creating a body whose style reflects the values and almost one-hundred-year tradition of Moto Guzzi. With touches of style such as the Guzzi eagle between the two headlights as a daytime running light, transverse V-twin engine and what appears to be exquisite build quality it would seem they’ve achieved just that.

Between the completely original frame – designed specifically for the rigours of adventure touring – resides a new 90-degree, 850cc transverse V-twin engine. Power is a claimed 80hp, with torque figures yet to be announced, but we expect will provide plenty of momentum and a smooth ride without causing the rider to be fearful of the throttle or need to rely on the electronic wizardry the bike is equipped with to just ride down to the shops.

In putting its power to the ground the V85 TT utilises a rather unique swingarm setup, with a curved swingarm leg on the left-hand side of the bike which allows for the exhaust system to seamlessly pass around it, while the right side features the bike’s shaft drive system.

Pricing for New Zealand has already been confirmed ahead of the May launch, with the base model V85 TT (available in Grey) set at $19,990 with the Premium Yellow/White/Red option sporting a $1000 premium at $20,990.

On Throttle hopes to have a first ride report available for Kiwi rider's to read how the new Guzzi adventure steed handles as soon as test bikes become available.

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