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Moto Guzzi V85 TT Gets Official NZ Launch

For Italian manufacturer Moto Guzzi, the new V85 TT is a game-changing motorcycle, and now it has officially been launched into the New Zealand.

The V85 TT is the first adventure bike from Moto Guzzi since the Stelvio 1200 and refines the brand's place as more than just a quirky Italian stallion.

"To be honest we've been blown away by the reception to the V85 TT, says Moto Guzzi's NZ distributor Salero Holdings spokesman, Micheal Beckhaus.

"We received our first shipment in the end of May and basically the first one sold out before they even landed in the country. The second shipment which arrived earlier in July, again, I think it was something like 80% pre-sold before it arrived, so I think dealers are already running out of stock. I think it is a game changer for Guzzi because in some ways it is moving the brand a little bit more into the mainstream possibly – hopefully no too much because we like it to retain its charm and quirkiness – but in some ways this bike is very much a step in the right direction in terms of getting some more volume for the brand out there as it caters to a broad range of riders."

With the TT in the name standing for Tuto Terreno – Italian for "All Terrain" – the V85 TT brings the brand into perhaps what is the most competitive segment in the market today. With other premium European brands launching new mid-size adventure machines in the last 12 months, the V85 TT needed to have a few tricks up its sleeve if it wanted to compete against the likes of Triumph's new Tiger 800 range, KTM's 790 Adventure and Ducati's Multistrada 900.

Priced in New Zealand from $19,990, Moto Guzzi’s all-new V85 TT is not only sharply priced, but is also the first motorcycle to be marketed as a combination of the classic and adventure motorcycle markets with Moto Guzzi also coining the phrase "Classic Enduro" to try describe where the bike fits in the motorcycle world.

In good Moto Guzzi tradition the V85 features a gorgeous transverse V-twin at its heart, which, while still an air-cooled push-rod actuated 2-value V-twin as per Guzzi tradition produces a healthy 59.6kW (80hp) and 80Nm of torque. Sure, it isn’t a powerhouse, but for the task at hand it doesn’t need to be.

In fact, the engine isn’t an old tractor motor like it appears at first glance. Internally Moto Guzzi has performed some magic which includes the use of titanium valves and aluminium pushrods to ensure the V85’s 853cc engine puts out 18.6kW more than the same sized unit found in the V9 Bobber and Roamer.

While the V85 TT technically arrived in country in late May, the first shipment of the new Italian adventure bike was a sell-out, with the second shipment selling 80% of its bikes before they landed also. Hence the late official launch to members of the motorcycling press and potential Guzzi customers at Auckland's Vin Alto winery.

The V85 TT was a hit with riders of all ages

As to the further development of similar bikes of mass appeal, Beckhaus couldn't go into detail but gave a hint that Moto Guzzi is far from done with the new platform.

"I think its safe to say there will be some pretty exciting developments coming off this engine and this frame, so watch this space."





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