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More Details Emerge For 2021 Honda CBR600RR

As promised, Honda has unveiled more details for the forthcoming CBR600RR, with the firm not reinventing the wheel for its new supersport offering.

Based heavily on the last CBR600RR, the 2021 machine opts to heavily revise the package with modern materials and technologies rather than start from scratch.

Honda has kept the recipe familiar. The inline-4 remains at 599cc, but now features new camshafts, valve springs and crank makes use of lighter metals. The throttle bores have been enlarged and the intakes and exhaust have also been tweaked.

The result is a boost in power to leapfrog Yamaha’s YZF-R6 with the 2021 CBR600RR now producing 119hp – up 6hp from the previous generation CBR and a smidge over 2hp over the Yamaha.

While 2hp over the competition might not excite, its in the electronics package that Honda has worked some serious magic to bring the CBR600RR into the top of the class. That means the 2021 model gets an electronic, fly-by-wire throttle along with an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to help control all the latest rider-assist technology.

Honda has added its Honda Selectable Torque Control system—for some reason they don’t call it what the rest of us call it, traction control—along with wheelie control and adjustable engine-braking.

As expected, helping the rider navigate it all is a TFT dash – the same unit that used on the big brother CBR1000RR.

Weight is listed at 194kgs, just 3.3kg lighter than the CBR1000RR, while the bodywork brings into the supersport class the winglets we’re starting to see become mainstream with the superbike players.

The CBR600RR is reportedly set to be an Asian market exclusive, with Europe missing out thanks to emissions regulations. However, Blue Wing Honda has expressed an interest in bringing the model here but has, as yet, not been able to confirm whether we’ll see it in showrooms next year.

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