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Milan's Cops Score MV Agusta Turismo Veloce SCS Patrol Bikes

While the New Zealand police will surely be stoked to be upgrading to special Yamaha Tracers, over in Italy as you’d expect, things are a whole lot more exotic.

Making their way into the hands of the Milanese police this month are four brand new, fully equipped Turismo Veloce Lusso SCS were delivered during a ceremony held at Milan’s “Questura”, AKA the local Police headquarters.

All four bikes, which retail here for a cool $37,990, feature the official Italian State Police blue livery and join the two Turismo Veloce and the two Rivale currently in service with the “Nibbio” Motorcycle Unit from Milan’s Police headquarters.

Milan’s Police Commissioner, “Quaestor” Giuseppe Petronzi, and MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov attended the official donation ceremony held at Milan’s Police headquarters.

The collaboration between MV and the Milan Police aims at supporting and reinforcing the Nibbio Motorcycle Unit and consequently the level of safety and security across the Milan area thanks to the increased capacity of swift intervention.

When it comes to being swift, the plod has it covered with their new bikes.

Powered by MV Agusta’s inline 3-cylinder engine mated to a counter-rotating crankshaft and pumping out a cool 110hp at 10,150rpm and tipping the scales at just 199kg the SCS version gets MV’s “Smart Clutch System”, which provides quick, automatic clutch action, a feature that is sure to get a workout in the narrow crowded streets of Milan.

Other features of the police spec Turismo Veloce Lusso SCS include side panniers offering 60 litres of storage, enough to hold an emergency kit and, wait for it, the officer’s service machine-gun. The Turismo Veloce also boasts the largest fuel tank in its category, 22 litres, providing a range of 300km according to MV. That might be less depending on how many chases the bikes get into while out on patrol…

“To see our bikes used by the State Police to protect and assist the citizens of Milan fills us with pride,” said MV Agusta CEO, Timur Sardarov. “At MV Agusta we like to say we manufacture the most beautiful and technologically advanced bikes in the world, but today we are even happier to announce that our technology is being used to provide security to our communities. The women and the men of the Nibbio Unit are exceptional riders, and our bikes could not be in safer hands. I wish to thank Quaestor Petronzi for his trust and for giving us the opportunity to support the extraordinary work of the Italian Police.”

“Today we are consolidating an established collaboration between the State Police and MV Agusta, who is generously increasing our motorcycle fleet. The Nibbio Unit can now count on 4 new bikes for a better, more capillary patrolling of our streets. The Turismo Veloce Lusso SCS is particularly suited”, continued Quaestor Giuseppe Petronzi, “for Police work in serving our citizens. Improving our monitoring capability through an ever more capillary control over a broad territory is one of our primary objectives.”

So if you’re in Milan and up to something nefarious, look out for the Nibbio cops and their high-tech new steeds. Remember, those panniers are packing heat!

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