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Make Yours A Ride Forever Christmas

From today, until Christmas day, if you head to, you can grab yourself or a motorcyclist in your life a voucher for a Ride Forever course for just $20!

Ride Forever is an ACC initiative, trying to upskill riders across New Zealand, providing coaching to improve skills and help us all to ride again another day. Essentially putting a fence at the top of the cliff, instead of an ambulance at the bottom.

Ride Forever courses are generally day-long courses where riders join a group, and with an instructor, go for a ride and talk about all manner of things from road positioning, reading the road and environmental factors, how to look through a corner and the list goes on. There's a Ride Forever course for every skill level from the learner and urban rider, to the more experienced Silver and Gold courses.

Already heavily discounted by ACC, right now, until Christmas day, you can sign up for a course for only $20. This means if there's a rider in your life, you can look like the good bugger, getting them a present for Christmas, and not actually spend all that much coin.

There's not much else you can do for $20 these days, and for around 8 hours out on your bike, chatting with like-minded individuals, maybe meeting some new mates, checking out some new roads, and talking about skills in a supportive environment, we think that sounds like a pretty damn good deal. What makes the deal better, is it doesn't matter which course you or the rider in your life are signing up for, all courses are the same price.

Here are some stats for you, 99% of riders say they learnt something during their Ride Forever course. 7 out of 10 riders say it improved their riding skills. Riders who attend a Ride Forever course are 27% less likely to be involved in an injury crash and make a claim through ACC.

Have I convinced you yet? Literally, every rider in NZ has something to gain from a Ride Forever course, and if you think you don't, I reckon you need to check your ego. Riding on the road is much different to riding on the track, and even top racers like Avalon Biddle and Andrew Stroud will attest to the benefits of upskilling.

So, go on, if not for you, do it for your family and friends, or look like a good bugger and get one voucher for each of the riders in your crew. Think of it as a group ride. If you are an experienced rider, then sign up for a Gold course, as these are tailored to what the individual riders wish to get out of the course.


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