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KTM's 890 Adventure R Rally Sells Out!

While KTM's hard-core 890 Adventure R Rally sold out in less than 48 hours, there is still hope for those who missed out on one of the just 700 examples set to be released worldwide...

KTM announced that the new 890 Adventure R Rally model sold out in a hot minute as soon as the order books were opened, with all 700 examples of the highest-specification 890 Adventure selling out in less than 48 hours.

Much like the 790 Adventure R Rally which KTM introduced to accompany the 790 Adventure R in 2019, the 890 Adventure R Rally ups the ante with even higher spec suspension and a distinct graphics kit to set it aside from its “lesser” stablemates.

That suspension upgrade comes in the form of WP Pro components which KTM say not only draw inspiration from the KTM 450 Rally bikes but also put the 890’s suspension on par with that found on full-factory Rally machine.

Other exclusive features reserved for the 890 Adventure R Rally include an Akropovic exhaust, rally footpegs (which are wider and lighter than the standard pegs), a straight seat, clear screen and winglets, racing graphics along with Quickshifter+ and RALLY ride mode as standard fitment.

If you missed out there is still a slight chance to own one of these ultra-exclusive machines, with KTM creating a waiting list online, to allow interested buyers the chance to scoop a KTM 890 Adventure R Rally should any previous reservation be cancelled.


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