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KTM Brings Back The 790 Adventure But Not For NZ

KTM has announced that it is bringing the 790 Adventure back from the dead, with the 2023 790 Adventure set to be built by CFMOTO in China.

Visually the reborn 790 Adventure gets the same aesthetic update that the 890 Adventure and Adventure R have received for 2023, while internally the engine has received updates to ensure it complies with Euro 5 emissions standards.

The LC8c still pumps out a healthy 95 hp at 8,000 rpm and 88 Nm at 6,500 rpm which is more than enough to punt it along at a blistering pace either on or off the road.

KTM says the new 790 is more stable at a constant speed and has gained more cornering poise thanks to a 20% increase in rotating mass; an alteration that hasn’t compromised the agility of the motorcycle.

Other updates to the bike's engine include reworked throttle bodies for a cleaner and more efficient connection due to the enhanced combustion, and the ‘knock control’ sensor affords a higher state of ignition and better capacity for low octane fuel; a reassuring characteristic for the different qualities of gasoline found while travelling.

The optional Quickshifter+ has also been updated as has the exhaust which features a 2023 catalytic converter and pre-muffler. This is one of the largest modifications to ensure this vibrant generation of the KTM 790 Adventure will be an impeccable choice for moving in, around and then outside of the city limits. The 15,000 km service intervals remain in concrete.

Currently, KTM New Zealand has no plans to bring the new 790 Adventure to the New Zealand market. That makes sense - with the 890 Adventure receiving very similar updates and many riders here opting for the full-noise 890 Adventure R, it wouldn't make much sense to relaunch the 790 here.


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