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KTM and BRABUS Team Up With BRABUS 1300 R

Two of the biggest names in the "more power is good power" game have teamed up to bring to life a new name into the motorcycle world. KTM and German tuning house BRABUS have joined forces to bring to life the first BRABUS motorcycle - the BRABUS 1300 R.

For those not in the know, German company BRABUS is more commonly known as tuners of utterly insane Mercedes-Benz products and is the second-largest tuner of the German marque after Mercedes-Benz's own AMG. So when it came to putting their name on a motorcycle, there was no better company to team up with than KTM in neighbouring Austria.

The collaboration between KTM and BRABUS aims to put products at the high-end of the premium motorcycle market, and the resulting BRABUS 1300 R is one hell of a first offering.

Powered by a 1301cc KTM LC8 V-twin, the 1300 R puts down a meaty 180hp backed by 140Nm, while the chassis makes use of the usual premium componentry suspects including WP suspension and Brembo brakes.

Styling is where the BRABUS outshines the likes of the KTM Super Duke R EVO on which it is loosely based, however. The bike looks gorgeous with its flowing lines and restricted use of angles and swathes of carbon fibre in use.

Up front is a classic circular headlight that is embedded in an aerodynamic headlight mask to ensure maximum airflow to the engine’s airbox.

The bodywork has plenty of exposed carbon fibre to keep things light and strong while the signature BRABUS Monoblock Z 9-spoke forged wheels have also been integrated into the BRABUS 1300 R’s exceedingly sporty design as a direct link to the Mercedes supercars BRABUS is known for.

In terms of luxury, the 1300 R sports a heated seat and heated grips while the CNC machined foot controls have 12 positions of adjustability.

Being based on a KTM, the 1300 R is bestowed with the latest in rider aids including multiple rider modes, electronically adjustable WP APEX suspension and a crystal clear 5-inch TFT display to keep the rider informed.

Only 154 examples of the BRABUS 1300 R are going to be produced, so while pricing is yet to be announced you can guarantee it will hold a premium over the KTM Super Duke R.

Pre-orders open online at on February 14th at 3pm Central European time.

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