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Kawasaki Teases 2021 Models

Kawasaki has teased its soon to be unveiled 2021 models with the new bikes appearing to reinvigorate the Japanese brands lineup on the track , and more importantly, in the adventure segment.

While Kawasaki has some pretty solid offerings in the supersport and superbike segments, with the increasing use of advanced electronic aids by the competition we won’t be surprised to see a new range of ZX models boasting cutting edge tech.

Kawasaki already has the ZX-25R on the way so we expect the 2021 models to streamline the middleweight ZX-6 offerings (of which there are currently two) while also improving the ZX-10 to bring it up to speed with the aerodynamic aid heavy superbike competition.

But it’s in the Adventure and Dual Sport bikes teased we expect the most buzz to be around.

It’s no secret that Kawasaki has fallen hbehind the rest of the market here, with the 30-year-old KLR 650 finally biting the d if at due to emissions and ABS laws while the trusty KLX250S is simply out of date in the low end of the market.

The video teases two bikes to reinvigorate the Kawasaki lineup in this area, with a smaller KLX models being teased - possibly a new 250 or just as likely a 450 to take on Honda’s CRF450L - while the finale of the video hints at one thing: the eagerly awaited replacement for the KLR650.

While we’re mostly just guessing here, all will be revealed on November 23rd. We can’t wait to see what Team Green has been working on.

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