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Kawasaki Revives Eliminator Badge, Could NZ See Kawasaki's 400cc Cruiser?

After 16 years, Kawasaki has revived the Eliminator badge with the new model set to bolster the brand's 400cc lineup.

It makes sense to give riders a 400cc cruiser option, Kawasaki is already a brand that offers a lot thanks to its clever use of platforming. Just take a look at its 650cc twin lineup to see what I mean.

The Eliminator 400 was announced earlier this month and debuted at the Osaka Motor Show to great acclaim. It looks every bit like the modern interpretation of the classic Kawasaki cruiser that first saw light in 1985.

Being based around the 400cc DOHC parallel-twin from the Ninja and Z 400, power could be somewhere near 49hp and 38Nm of torque, however, expect Kawasaki to have done some subtle tuning in the way the engine delivers its power to suit more low-end shove.

The only part the Eliminator appears to share with any other Kawasaki model is its engine, with a new chassis housing it in a sleek and raked-out package just like its forebears.

Suspension is old-school, with standard telescopic forks springing the front while the rear, unlike the Vulcan 650 S, is a twin shock setup.

Seat height measures in at 735mm so it will be very learner friendly, while the foot controls are centrally mounted rather than feet forward - another nod to its learner-friendly build.

The cockpit appears to be an uncluttered affair with a single gauge front and centre to provide the rider all they need to know.

Lighting is an LED affair while the colours shown appear to be muted tones rather than Kawasaki's traditional in-your-face hues.

While the Eliminator has yet to be confirmed for global markets, Kawasaki NZ has confirmed they are interested in bringing the Eliminator 400 to our shores and are awaiting more details from Kawasaki HQ in Japan.

With the low-to-mid capacity cruiser market decimated by the implementation of mandatory ABS braking, another option with a bit of poke would surely be welcomed by the LAMS market.


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