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Harley-Davidson Showcases Bronx Streetfighter and Pan America ADV at EICMA

Harley-Davidson's Streetfighter contender finally has a name, with the Bronx Streetfighter making its debut alongside the Pan America Adventure Tourer and new water-cooled V-twin engine at Milan's EICMA show.

Based around the new Revolution-Max engine, both the Bronx and the Pan America bring Harley-Davidson into new territory and are further proof that the Motor Co. is moving away from its premium cruiser-only image.

The all-new 60-degree V-Twin has been designed for a new range of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in two different guises and was showcased in both specifications at EICMA – 1250cc in the new Harley-Davidson Pan America and 975cc in the Harley-Davidson Bronx Streetfighter.

Harley says the Revolution Max is designed to offer flexible performance with a broad powerband that builds to a surge of high-RPM power. Both in minimising weight and maximising performance, the Revolution Max provides a narrow powertrain profile that is integrated into the range of motorcycles it is designed to power as a stressed member of the frame to enhance center of gravity and handling. The fully balanced powertrain has an internal counterbalancer which mitigates primary engine vibration with the goal to enhance rider comfort and improve vehicle durability – which will surely be a high priority of riders of the Pan America.

Peak power is set at 145hp/122Nm in the 1250cc version of the Revolution Max, while the smaller 975cc engine is set to produce 115hp/94Nm. These figures are indicators only as the engine hasn't gone into production yet, but they are nothing to baulk at regardless of whether Harley achieves those exact numbers.

Final drive for the Pan America has been revealed to be a chain drive, moving away from Harley's preferred belt final drive, while the Bronx sticks with the tried and true belt drive.

Harley-Davidson has also announced that the company is partnered with Brembo to supply braking for both models, with the result being a monoblock four-piston caliper which combines sharp edges with softer curves designed to create a style that complements the personality of the bike and delivers outstanding braking feel and capability.

As per the norm, Michelin will supply the tyres for both the Pan America and Bronx, with the exact choice of tyres not yet released. We can assume the Bronx will receive the latest incarnation of the Scorcher tyre, while the Pan America will likely receive Michelin Anakee rubber.

Both bikes are expected to launch internationally late in 2020, with New Zealand arrival dates likely to be announced next year.

We're super excited about this next generation of Harley-Davidson. Check out more awesome pics below!

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