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Harley-Davidson Resetting the Standard with Electra Glide Standard

Harley-Davidson’s touring range has been chugging along quietly in the background since its rebirth with the launch of the Milwaukee-Eight engine in 2016, but Harley-Davidson have turned their eyes back on the touring market to release the new Electra Glide Standard to rev up the range.

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard released as a 2019.5 model to the NZ and Australia.

The Standard, in Electra Glide Standard, refers to the stripped back nature of the bike which does without much of the added extras of the rest of the Harley touring range – including a pillion seat.

Gone also is the stereo, instead replaced by a glovebox pocket under the quad gauges. Why would you drop one of the standout features (and arguably the Electra in Electra Glide)? According to Harley-Davidson, the goal with the Electra Glide Standard is to provide “a raw fundamental touring experience inspired by Harley-Davidson’s Grand American Touring roots.”

That means the bikes still boasts some of the features riders have come to love about the Electra Glide such as the Batwing Fairing, Chrome accents, saddle bags as standard equipment and cast alloy wheels, but without the distractions that come with the ability to shuffle through music as the world passes you by.

That said, the bike is not without technology. Out of the box the Electra Glide Standard boasts electronic cruise control, 49mm forks and hand adjustable rear shocks, Reflex Linked Brembo brakes and of course, the Milwaukee-Eight engine which in the Electra Glide Standard is the 107cu variant.

“To express the stripped-back essence of the Electra Glide Standard, we focused on finishes that were simple, timeless, and fundamental to the Harley-Davidson’s touring line. Chrome was added to key components and complimented by polished and blacked out parts, for example,” said Harley- Davidson’s Vice President of Styling and Design, Brad Richards.

“The rocker, cam, and derby covers are finished with chrome to emphasise the V-Twin shape of the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. In addition, they add a dose of nostalgia that draws a through-line all the way back to the first Electra Glide.”

The Electra Glide Standard model is available in Vivid Black with a ride away price $37,995.


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