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Harley-Davidson Offers Special Paints For Road Glide

For a company that is reportedly struggling, Harley-Davidson sure is pumping a lot of product out at the moment. On top of the very cool bang-for-buck Softail Standard announced last week, Harley-Davidson has just announced new exclusive special edition paints for the Road Glide Special.

The new Special Edition Two-Tone paint options feature a decent dose of patriotic flair which is highlighted by the bold “Number One” logo in red and blue on the fuel tank.

Keeping the paint new Special Edition Two-Tone paint extra special, Harley is restricting it to only be available as installed at the Harley-Davidson factory on the Road Glide Special model. That means if you want this colour on your existing Road Glide Special you're out of luck.

H-D says factory installation offers the customer an attainable custom paint option that eliminates the need to either re-paint the original components or install an accessory paint set that leaves take-off painted parts on the shop floor. But they do seem to be ignoring owners of current bikes somewhat.

With that said the Special Edition Two-Tone Paint Options being only available from the Harley-Davidson means they will be backed by the limited Harley-Davidson warranty. So there's that.

When it comes to special details the new paint scheme features a Harley-Davidson script logo over the secondary colour on the lower saddlebags, a wide stripe in the secondary colour down the centre of the front fender and the fairing, and the classic “Number One” logo in red and blue on the fuel tank. The fuel tank design is similar to the latest CVO™ models. Saddlebag latches are colour-matched.

This paint option is available in two colorways:

Billiard Red/Stone Washed WhiteBilliard Blue/Stone Washed White

Base price of the 2020 Road Glide Special model with the Patriot Special Edition Paint Option is $44,200, which is a $1,950 premium over base price with a standard solid colour.


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