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Great New Zealand Motorcycle Rides | The Coromandel Loop

It’s no secret that New Zealand is full of great motorcycling routes. In this series, we hope to fill you in on some of the must-know info on some of NZ’s best motorcycling offerings so you know what to expect before you put rubber to the road.


The Coromandel Loop is a popular right of passage for North Island riders, particularly those residing in Auckland. The ride itself is an approximately 260km loop of State Highway 25 that can be completed in a day, or easily split into a weekend of exploration with an overnight stop at one of the many beachside towns along the route while you explore the plentiful fun roads the Coromandel has on offer. The Coro’ Loop has it all. From beautiful scenery to great lunch stops there’s something for everyone, but riders flock to the Coromandel mainly for the nearly 1000 corners the loop around the peninsula has on offer.

There are multiple ways in which the Coromandel can be ridden. Clockwise around SH25, counterclockwise, or even a figure eight is doable thanks to the brilliant stretch of SH25a which dissects the route. There are other options to cut sections out entirely by using one of the gravel roads which cut across the peninsula, such as the 309 Road, which offer a fun and equally scenic alternative for the more adventurous rider.

Typically the route starts at either Kopu, Paeroa or Waihi – the primary entrances to the Coromandel Peninsula from the surrounding major centres The route has seen numerous improvements over recent years including a road safety campaign called “Stay Alive on 25” to help prevent serious crashes on the highway for all road users.

However, this ride isn’t without its own hazards to be wary of. Slips are common during the winter months while the road surface can vary including tar bleed and corrugations mid apex - particularly on the SH25a section.

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