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Epic Scout Bobber Custom Debuts Ahead of Sultans of Sprint Festival

While we try to remain focussed on the goings on around the New Zealand motorcycle scene, sometimes something so cool comes up we just have to share it with you.

Case in point is the latest creation from the Workhorse Speedshop in Belgium which will race in the full Sultans of Sprint series. The bike itself? One hell of a cool modified Indian Scout Bobber named ‘Appaloosa’

We've seen Indian's with a streamliner before thanks to the joint effort between Indian Motorcycles and Lee Munro (great-nephew of the late Burt) in creating the Spirit of Munro landspeed bike, but the Appaloosa isn't quite going for the same sort of speed as the Munro bike.

But in saying that, who cares? Just look how awesome this thing looks!

The Appaloosa is the result of over 700 hours of design and fabrication work by Belgium custom workshop Workhorse, and has been supported with technical expertise and top-shelf components from project partners Akrapovič, Beringer Brakes, MOTOREX, Öhlins, and Vibrant Performance.

The Appaloosa Scout Bobber features a few custom upgrades beyond the obvious streamliner faring and extended swingarm which give it its unique look.

As sprint racing, which the bike was purpose built for, has no need for a full-sized tank, Workhorse slimmed down the original (while keeping the profile intact) and fitted a 2.5-litre fuel cell inside.

That custom extended swingarm is mated to fully adjustable suspension from the best in the business, Öhlins. Matching the STX 36 piggyback rear shocks, Öhlins also supplied Retro 43 front forks and a steering damper to ensure the best possible grip and stability enabling the full performance of the bike to be utilised.

With a rolling chassis and elements of the streamlined fairing starting to take shape, Brice took Appaloosa to Akrapovič where a bespoke titanium exhaust system was created for maximum power and the best possible sound. Without making any internal modifications, engine power has been increased to 130hp with a combination of the Akrapovič exhaust, a racing ECU, Power Commander, direct intake, Nitrous Oxide Injection system.

While it seems like a low power figure, the class rules under which the Appaloosa will compete restrict power to a power to weight ratio of 0.65hp/1kg.

To get the power to the ground, the original belt drive has been converted to chain drive and a quickshifter has been added to ensure swift and precise gear changes.

Bringing the rapid racer to a controlled stop is the complete 4D Aerotec braking system from Beringer Brakes. The 4D system features two Ø230mm discs per caliper for increased power over standard single discs as well as reduced inertia to aid acceleration. Beringer Brakes also supplied the handlebar controls and buttons as well as CNC machining many of the parts designed by Brice.

Using hosing supplied by Vibrant Performance the cooling system has been simplified for weight reduction and for a cleaner look around the engine. Additional components from Vibrant such as welded dash connectors, fuel and water tank caps and heat protection hoses add finishing touches to Appaloosa.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Indian Motorcycle and I’m really looking forward to racing this amazing creation, says former GP racer Randy Mamola.

"It’s great to be part of this project, especially during the Scout’s 100th anniversary. With the Sultans of Sprint being such a unique series, it’s going to be a lot of fun soaking up the atmosphere, meeting the crowds and putting on a show for them.”

Outfitted with a bespoke racing suit created by Alpinestars, inspired by the racing suits they provide for the Indian Wrecking Crew, Randy will be competing in the Factory Class under race number #19 to celebrate 1919, the year the original Indian Scout was first revealed. In the Factory Class, motorcycles must be four-stroke (air or water cooled) with no limit regarding the engine capacity providing that the tuned bike does not exceed that power-to-weight ratio limit of 0.65bhp/kg.

Seriously, we don't care if it's only punching out 130hp. This thing looks rad and we love it!


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