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Ducati Supersport 950 NZ Pricing Confirmed

Ducati Australia and New Zealand have confirmed the pricing of the new 950 Supersport for the Kiwi marketplace with the bikes now hitting dealerships.

Priced at $20,229 the new Supersport has all-new bodywork as well as new electronics for 2021.

Despite the new Panigale inspired looks, the Supersport remains the everyday sportbike in the Ducati range. At its heart is a 937 cc Ducati Testastretta 11° twin-cylinder engine, which has been revised to comply with Euro 5 emissions standards.

Equipped with electronic controls that take information through a Bosch 6-axis inertial platform the SuperSport 950 is capable of instantly detecting the bike's roll, yaw, and pitch angles in space. Keeping the rider informed and in control of the adjustable electronics is a new 4.3-inch full-TFT display with graphics and interface, which is also inspired by that of the Panigale family.

The SuperSport 950 is equipped with three Riding Modes, called Sport, Touring and Urban – allowing the user to choose between different pre-set modes of the engine parameters and electronic controls to adapt the character of the bike to the rider's style and environmental conditions.

The SuperSport 950 range also includes the 950 S version, equipped with fully adjustable Öhlins suspension and passenger seat cover. Both bikes can be further customised by hitting up the Ducati Performance accessories and packages catalogue, which allows you to configure the bike based on your tastes and needs.

The updates definitely bring more desirability to the tamest of Ducati's fully-faired sports machines. While the Panigale range are fire breathing track monsters, the Supersport is a far more usable prospect for everyday riding, which in my book makes it actually a more desirable bike to begin with.

Having ridden the previous iteration of the bike a couple of years ago, I think the updates give the Supersport the visual kick in the pants it needed and with Euro 5 certification it should give Ducatisti a sexy looking bike for daily duties for a long time yet.


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