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Cardo and KTM Team Up With KTM Packtalk Edge

Cardo has announced it is teaming up with KTM to bring out a special version of the new Packtalk Edge with a very orange twist.

Dubbed the new KTM PACKTALK EDGE, the orange unit brings the same functionality as Cardo’s new top-tier Packtalk unit, but instead of the traditional dark hues, the KTM Packtalk Edge stands out in KTM orange.

The Packtalk Edge kicks the Packtalk Bold to the floor with the next generation of tech in an overall sleeker package.

Still retaining Cardo’s famous waterproof status (although an IPX rating is not yet available) the Edge brings to the fold improvements in almost every area. With the ability to connect to up to 15 riders and cover an area up to 8 kilometres through the dynamic mesh system, Cardo’s new top dog sits head and shoulders above the rest.

The mounting system is now magnetic for simpler installation, while the charging port has moved to the more universal USB-C.

While the hand controls are an evolution of the Packtalk Bold, using voice commands is now more accent friendly with the inclusion of new software which now can be updated wirelessly through the Cardo app.

“It is an absolute pleasure to join forces with KTM to offer riders the most advanced PACKTALK EDGE KTM-branded device, says Shachar Harari, VP of Business Development at Cardo Systems.

“As a motorcyclist, as soon as you see orange, your mind instantly knows it’s KTM. Alongside its broad range of PowerWear, riders are able to express their brand loyalty all the way through to their communications device.”

KTM’s Head of Global Marketing, Federico Valentini, agrees.

“Our alliance with Cardo means we can celebrate two things that are really important to us at KTM. The first is equipping KTM riders with leading technology to maximize their riding experience and we know that Cardo is one of the best partners to be able to achieve this. The KTM PACKTALK Edge is a great piece of kit that will really help make a difference to any shared trip with say a KTM DUKE or KTM ADVENTURE. The second is making sure that any journey with a KTM is as fun and thrilling and memorable as it can be. If this is done with friends or bike buddies then even better and where the KTM PACKTALK Edge becomes pretty indispensable.”

Local Cardo distributor Darbi Accessories has confirmed that the New Zealand market will be receiving the KTM Packtalk Edge, with pricing yet to be confirmed.


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