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Beta Motorcycles Gets New NZ Distributor

Italian manufacturer Beta Motorcycles has found a new home in New Zealand, with Euromoto taking on the distribution rights for the Tuscan brand.

As a division of the wider Triumph Motorcycles New Zealand group – which itself hosts much-loved brands including Triumph Motorcycles, Aprilia, Piaggio and Moto Guzzi – Euromoto benefits from the company’s strong link to many of New Zealand’s favourite dealerships.

As such, the NZ penetration and presence of the brand can only strengthen with the confirmation of Euromoto as the country’s new Beta distributor.

The intended dealer network is currently planned to remain a small core dealer network of seven (7) dealers, with a supporting service agent network of up to 15 dealerships. These will be confirmed over the coming months.

Not only that, Beta will be promoted digitally as Beta Motorcycles NZ with a full-on e-commerce website which is currently being tailor-made for the brand.

Euromoto is acknowledging the hard work of previous importers of the Beta brand who have assisted to build a profile for Beta within NZ over the past years by confirming that both Precision Motorcycles in Christchurch and NZ Trials in Kapiti will form part of the new Beta dealership network.

Euromoto says they are excited to be bringing a new era for Beta and the eventual launch of the all-new models for 2020, with the arrival date of the new metal yet to be confirmed.

More information on the new models, the dealer and service agent networks will be announced soon on the website.


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