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Autoglym Cleaners Make Kiwi Return

Autoglym auto care products are making a return to the New Zealand market with a new distributor and a wide range of products.

Autoglym is distributed in New Zealand and Australia by Sydney-based company, GnG Sales. The company has had a limited footprint in New Zealand for some years but that is about to change.

“There has been a very limited distribution of retail packaged Autoglym products into New Zealand. Mainly it’s been our professional range though, which means it has been used by pro detailers, amongst others and until now customers have generally only seen the brilliant end result,” says GnG Sales’ Head of Marketing, David Turney.

“Now any New Zealander who is passionate about their car can buy the products appropriate to their need. Whether a car enthusiast doing their own full detail, or an occasional user who simply needs a problem solved, they can now choose Autoglym, knowing that whatever product they use is the result of years of research and testing.”

Autoglym will be offered in a full retail range of 18 products, available in all Supercheap Auto stores across the country from the end of this month.

The product range includes the new Polar Series, a three-step, pressure washer-applied pre-wash, wash and protective coating system, along with other options for cleaning and protecting bodywork, and specialist treatments for glass, interior finishes and wheels and tyres.

Autoglym was founded in the UK in 1965 with the tagline ‘passion for perfection’ and has lived up to that ever since, gaining an international reputation for high-quality products that are sold in more than 45 countries.


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