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Aprilia RS660 To Get LAMS Option

It’s one of the bike’s we’re most excited for this year and for good reason. Aprilia’s upcoming RS660 is set to bring a whole new level of technology to the 650 class with its blend of RSV4 tech and small capacity approachability.

That level of approachability is set to be even better than first thought, with Aprilia confirming a LAMS model will also make its way into New Zealand dealerships.

This will mean that riders in the LAMS class will have access to all the trick bits in the soon to arrive Aprilia including TFT dashboard, varying rider modes, up/down quickshifter, traction control and a six-axis IMU. The only downside will be these bikes will have roughly half the power of the non-LAMS bike.

While details are still to be officially confirmed, meaning we can only speculate on what the final power figures of the LAMS version of the RS660 might be, Aprilia New Zealand’s Michael Beckhaus confirmed to Kiwi Rider that a learner legal RS660 will be heading our way.

This is off the back of news in the UK that a European A2 licence machine is in development.

In the UK, an A2 licence holder – essentially a “Restricted” licence holder in our part of the world – is restricted to a machine with no more than 47hp AND a power to weight ratio of no more than 0.26bhp/kg.

As we’ve reported previously, New Zealand will be one of the first markets in the world to receive the new Aprilia, which should be in the fourth quarter of this year sometime.

If you’re looking to put money down on one of these incredibly specc’d middleweights talk to your dealer about an appropriate amount, because as yet, we still have no indication on what recommended retail is going to be on the RS660.

However, with other premium (and less technology intensive) LAMS bikes such as Triumph’s Street Triple S retailing for around the $15k mark we expect to see the LAMS RS660 with its superbike level electronics suite to be set at even more of a premium.


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