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2021 Africa Eco Race Cancelled

Despite many motorsport events now starting to return to some form of normalcy, the 13th edition of the Africa Eco Race – the spiritual successor of the original Paris-Dakar Rally – has become yet another victim of circumstance.

With a caravan of over 600 members from 30 countries already signed up to compete in the 2021 edition, organiser Jean-Louis Schlesser made the announcement that next year’s event will not go ahead.

“Despite all the organisational work and our aim for this edition to go well, the exterior factors which are out of control force us to make this immediate decision, because cancelling last minute is not an option and would be far too risky financially for everybody involved.”

“Out of respect for our competitors, providers, volunteers and partners, we refuse to let anyone take any risk related to Covid-19 and its consequences on our health which is today, still a blur.

The Africa Eco Race is one of the more competitor-focussed large scale events around, so unsurprisingly the response is one that aims to protect the health and safety of all those involved.

The organisation has announced it will be either refunding any entrance fees, or holding them over until the next event. 

Details of possible events for 2021 and 2022 are still forthcoming, with the events’ organisers promising the event will return. 


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