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2020 Triumph Street Triple RS Breaks Cover

Triumph Motorcycles has pulled the covers off the latest incarnation of the top-tier Street Triple RS, with the bike getting more than a new set of eyebrows in the 2020 makeover.

New for 2020, Triumph’s top-spec Street Triple RS gets a major boost in the performance stakes thanks to a significant engine update developed by Triumph’s Moto2TM engine team. The bike also features all-new more aggressive styling and has been designed with the goal of setting the new category benchmark for capability and handling according to Triumph. Going by past efforts we're willing to take their word for it, but let's take a closer look at the 2020 Street Triple RS.

Looking past the striking new LED headlights - which incorporate daytime running lights that look rather a lot like a set of eyebrows - the 2020 Street Triple RS does well to set itself apart from the rest of the sub-1000cc naked crowd.

For 2020 Triumph has revised the styling of the Street Triple (the R and S models take their styling cues from the big dog RS model so we expect to see them follow suit) with new sporty, angular bodywork available in all-new colours. There's also a rather fetching new style silencer with premium carbon fibre end cap and other top-notch touches including new mirrors, new branded handlebar clamp and new Titanium Silver main frame. Triumph has also included the option for an interchangeable seat cowl and pillion seat for practicality.

In the engine department Triumph have cranked things up with a significant Euro 5 update to the 765cc triple-cylinder engine, with developments coming directly out of Triumph’s expert Moto2TM engine team. The result is a significant increase in torque, which is now 9% higher in the mid-range, peaking at an even higher 79Nm at 9,350rpm. The new exhaust balance pipe smooths the torque curve for exciting, usable torque from low down and across the entire rev range.

Power is also up by 9% in the mid-range, peaking at 123PS (90.4kW) at 11,750rpm. Other engine updates include a new exhaust cam optimised for more mid-range performance, and new higher precision machining on the crankshaft, clutch and balancer, which lowers inertia and reduces engine mass.

Triumph has also optimised the to make it even more responsive, as a result of a 7% reduction in rotational inertia, which, combined with the increase in torque across the rev range, delivers a notable improvement in immediacy.

The new exhaust silencer on the Street Triple RS is also now freer-flowing due to the twin catalyst system, reducing restriction and lowering emissions. This comes from the exhaust system refinements and the all-new intake duct, which together improves the crispness and purity of the tone, with a smoother balance between intake and silencer sound.

The gearbox on the new Street Triple RS has shorter 1st and 2nd gear ratios, delivering improved acceleration performance and slick gear changes. Higher precision machining also enables the removal of the anti-backlash gears, reducing mass and adding further refinement. Plus, the Street Triple RS retains its high specification slip and assist clutch, for a really light feel, reducing clutch lever effort and improving rider comfort and control.

On top of its already high standard of built-in tech, Triumph has seen to it that the new Street Triple RS now features an even better technology specification.

The TFT system now has enhanced functionality with the MyTriumph connectivity system software installed and enabled, ready to be used with the accessory-fit Bluetooth module. This enables GoPro interaction, turn-by-turn navigation and phone and music operation via the ergonomically optimised switch cubes, and displayed on the TFT screen. It also features new style 2nd generation graphic schemes, in four different styles, and four different colours. The TFT screen angle can be adjusted for optimum visibility to suit rider height.

The latest Triumph Shift Assist, up and down quickshifter, has also now been added as standard to the new Street Triple RS, making the bike much more capable, particularly on track. This enables smooth comfortable gear changes while maintaining the accelerator position, which reduces rider fatigue.

The five improved riding modes (Road, Rain, Sport, Track and Rider configurable) have now been optimised to suit the bike’s higher level of performance, for maximum rider control. These modes adjust throttle response, ABS and traction control settings, and can easily be selected whilst riding. Rain mode restricts power to 100PS for enhanced safety and control.

Complementing the new technology, the Street Triple RS retains its extremely high level of standard specification, including ride-by-wire, adjustable ABS and switchable traction control.

No word yet from Triumph Motorcycles New Zealand on when we can expect the new Street Triple RS on our shores, but we'll let you know as soon as we learn when this new sub-1000cc weapon is set to arrive.


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