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2020 Sees New Tech for Kawasaki Ninja 650

Kawasaki New Zealand has confirmed the specifications for the updated 2020 Ninja 650 for the New Zealand market, with the bike set to be offered in both Learner Approved (LAMS) and full power guises.

In addition to a revised overall styling which falls further in line with that of the Ninja 400, Kawasaki has also upgraded the technology suite of the bike with a TFT dash making its debut on the affordable Ninja for the first time.

That stylish new dash isn't the only new bit of tech on offer for the middleweight Kawasaki, with the Japanese firm launching their own app with the bike – which Kawasaki has called RIDEOLOGY THE APP for some reason – which connects the rider's smartphone to the bike via a Bluetooth chip built into the 4.3-inch TFT display.

The Rideology app allows riders to delve into the inner workings of the Ninja 650 and track performance, while also allowing for incredibly useful functions such as remotely adjusting the time, displaying phone notifications on the TFT and more.

The Ninja 650 now also features a suite of LED lighting, meaning more reliable lighting than incandescent bulbs.

Kawasaki has also included other important updates in the 2020 bike to ensure the bike meets the stringent Euro 4 standards. This included alterations to the intake and exhaust system with the result not only a cleaner running bike but also an increase in mid-range torque while maintaining the outright power of the outgoing model.

Pillions even got a look in with Kawasaki increasing the pillion seat's thickness by approximately 5mm at the centre and 10 mm thicker at the sides.

Kawasaki New Zealand is yet to confirm the pricing of the new Ninja 650, but we expect to find out how much the new Ninja will retail for closer to its arrival in early 2020.


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